UDFS-Report Team Minutes

September 26, 2001

In attendance:

Marsha Lockard, Van Adams, Amy Taylor, Peggy Bottorff, Julie Burton, Carol Rylee




Marsha will send corrected minutes to Dee for web posting.




  1. Executive Committee Update
    1. Carol reported that the Executive Committee would be revamping and revising the training schedule. The Chart of Accounts group is working on the PS department table. They are also discussing how conceptual issues may influence workflow and decisions.
    2. Ellen LePine will move to working on the UDFS fulltime effective 11/1/01.
    3. The Committee is again looking at a site visit to Princeton.
    4. Carol Rylee is a member of the Higher Ed conference planning committee and noted there would be several workshops and presentations of value to UD at the March 2002 meeting in Las Vegas.
  2. Discussion of Issues versus Tasks
  3. a. Minutes from the 9/12/01 meeting were reviewed and the ‘issues’ noted by the Report Team were clarified.

  4. Outer joins
    1. Van led a discussion of the recent postings on the PS listserv regarding the difficulties with outer joins and how to make them happen within the PS Query. Van stated that at this point, we don’t allow them in our current system because they slow production efficiency. PS Query comes with a record hierarchy that accomplishes 90% of the reporting needs. If the database is not adequate, the join will have to be done outside the PS product, i.e., you would extract the information in separate defined queries and merge the results in a an Access database to refine your query. Reporting occurs at the desktop level, not on the PS server. However, with SIS conversion there may be more issues related to this topic.