UDFS-Report Team Minutes

August 8, 2001

In attendance:

Marsha Lockard, Van Adams, Amy Taylor, Peggy Bottorf


Reporting Team will move to a bi-weekly, 2 hour meeting schedule.

RATIONALE: At this time, the Reporting Team feels that independent projects are moving forward slowly, and without more direct UD sample data to work with, pre-scheduled work sessions are not necessary. The bi-weekly schedule will allow for team members to have fewer, but more productive sessions.


Student Intern – Identify all tables used in the Public Queries, by system (A/p, G/L, etc.)

All Reports Team Members – review Query Security in PeopleBooks.

ISSUES: To the Executive Team:





  1. Executive Committee Update
    1. The Reports Team has been assigned a student intern; Van will act as liaison. The Intern’s work on the tables used in public queries may further clarify the true need for construction of a data warehouse.
  2. Query Class
    1. Van led a discussion of the information he learned at Query Class. There apparently is security in Query that can be set up through trees that may serve the purpose of controlling data views, and may therefore also reduce the need for construction of a new data warehouse. Through identification of tables being used in the public queries, simple duplication of tables or access through various reporting tools may greatly simplify the need for a data warehouse and the reconciliation processes that are required now. The financial implications are significant (potential $1 M savings?). The Team needs to get the Query security processes to work through practice with live UOD data and practice with the existing Query tools.