UDFS-Report Team Minutes

July 11, 2001

In attendance:

Marsha Lockard, Van Adams, Julie Burton, Amy Taylor, Peggy Bottorff


Reporting Team Goal - I.C: When evaluating PeopleSoft delivered reports, the Reporting Team strategy will group the reports by function and liaison with a specific group to determine if it works satisfactorily.

RATIONALE: The Reporting Team feels it will be more effective to draw functional teams in on an as needed basis to evaluate reports at an earlier stage as UD data becomes available.


Van will contact Purchasing to set up the Cognos demonstration.

ISSUES: To the Executive Team:





  1. Executive Committee Update
    1. Reviewed list of online classes and how to access them.
  2. Cognos Presentation
  3. a. Cognos demonstration delayed indefinitely as Vanís contact has left the company. Reporting Team will request that Purchasing arrange for a formal presentation.

  4. PeopleBooks Assignment on Trees
    1. Reviewed the assignment on trees distributed by Carol Rylee several weeks ago.
    2. Discussed the strategy of the assignments and explained process to Amy & Peggy.
    3. Old assignments will be added to the resource books kept in Hullihen workroom; Julie will copy the old assignments for Amy & Peggy.
  5. Web Highlights & new assignments
    1. Marsha reviewed some PeopleSoft web resource locations.
    2. Discussion about list serves and their functionality for the Reporting Team. Van will send the URL he uses to screen the list serv topics to the rest of the Reporting Team.
    3. New Assignments Ė Peggy and Julie will review the PeopleSoft Customer Connection discussion groups focused on Reports and Using Queries respectively. They will report back to the Team in September.