UDFS Report Team Minutes

June 26, 2002


Decisions: None

Issues: None

Tasks assigned: Read People Books 8.4 for our section


In attendance:  Marsha Lockard, Carol Rylee, Cheryl Morris, Julie Burton, Van Adams,

                        Amy Taylor,  Peggy Bottorff


I.                 Executive Committee Update

a.     People Books 8.4 link is up and running

b.     Decisions for set up from teams due

c.     Ellen working with required data for chartfields

d.     Teams are to recommend training for 8.4 classes


II.               Class recommendations

a.     Discussed  which classes would be beneficial and who should take them. 

b.     Priortized class recommendations.


III.             Other

a.     Add to future agenda: Cheryl to highlight changes from 7.5 query to 8.4.