UDFS-Report Team Minutes

June 6, 2001

In attendance:

Marsha Lockard

Amy Taylor

Julie Burton



New category-ISSUES: If there are any issues for which teams need Executive committee guidance, add to minutes.

  1. Executive Committee Update
    1. Table Project – the teams are assigned to identify significant tables and prioritize.
      1. This will delay the Report team’s field review assignment until the teams finish this task.
  2. Grants Module Training
    1. Amy commented on the Grants training.
      1. Good front-end processing and planning tools
      2. May reduce paperwork for the base academic unit
      3. Proposal documents attach automatically
      4. MS Word docs may be attached
      5. May export into MS Excel
  3. Project Plan
    1. Add items to project plan
      1. Conduct PS Query Lessons-start 10/11/00 finish 06/28/01
      2. Run and evaluate PS Delivered Reports-start 04/18/01 finish 06/28/02
      3. Write instructions for PS Webcast-start 12/06/00 finish 01/15/01
      4. Review PS Webcast Recordings-start 03/01/01 finish 06/28/02
  4. Other
    1. Completed and mailed survey-Reporting & Analysis PAG
  5. Meetings
    1. Cancel June 13
    2. Cancel June 27
  6. Pending Work Sessions
    1. Carol: Lesson on Field Panel Table Review
    2. Data warehouse field review-PS/UD matched
    3. Carol: input JV-track thru panels, tables, fields
    4. Review additional delivered queries
    5. After JV collection input, run delivered reports/queries
    6. Explore reporting with Trees (Cube Manager?)