UDFS Report Team Minutes

April 3, 2002

In attendance: Marsha Lockard, Carol Rylee, Peggy Bottorff, Cheryl Morris, Amy Taylor, Julie Burton

Task assigned from March 20, 2002 Meeting: Review PeopleBooks Enterprise Warehouse Admin & Tools (URL listed on 3/20 minutes). This topic will be a discussion item for April 17 meeting as well as Cognos vs PS Enterprise vs other reporting tools.

  1. Executive Committee Update Carol
    1. Questionnaire being filled out for installation
    2. Developing training plan for key people
    3. Consultants to develop project plan and scope. Ellen Lepine and Linda Ruggerio are working on the RFI (request for information)
    4. Committee investigating the value of using speed types
    5. Committee to revisit UDFS web page and reorganize as necessary
    6. Teams should continue compiling list of possible questions for consultants
  2. Trees Subteam Report Marsha
    1. Team to post tips to UDFS web page
    2. Working on summary trees
    3. Setting up rollup trees for reports
  3. Delivered Reports & JVs Subteam Report
    1. Dee, from Trees Subteam, Marsha and Julie met to set up rollup trees with UOD chartfield values so that nVision reports could be run against UOD01 data.
    2. Ran Statement of Activity and Statement of Net Assets reports and evaluated results.
    3. Reports on findings will be added to a notebook in 003 for review
  4. Marsha handed out copies of the control set of jvs being used by the Delivered Reports Subteam, a list of available white and red papers from PS, copies of course descriptions that we might find useful to pursue by some members of the Report Team.