UDFS - Report Team Minutes
March 20, 2002

In attendance:

Van Adams, Peggy Bottorff, Julie Burton, Marsha Lockard, Cheryl Morris, Carol Rylee, Amy Taylor
TASKS ASSIGNED: Review PeopleBook Enterprise Warehouse Admin and Tools located on http://crayfish.mis.udel.edu/van/pt810/eng/psbooks/index.htm

  1. Executive Committee Update

  2. The executive committee update was released with the agenda. One question relative to coordination with the g/l arose and Marsha indicated that this tree item is being added to the trees sub-team agenda for discussion.

  3. HEUG Highlights
  1. Public Query Subteam Report

  2. Amy reported that the team has classified the current AP reports and that another meeting of the subteam will occur prior to involving AP in the process. Marsha indicated that Burt Wilson will be leading the AP portion of the combined Purchasing/AP module team and that both he and Tory Windley should be contacted.

  3. Trees Subteam Report

  4. Marsha indicated that the Executive Team has requested the Trees Subteam coordinate activities with the G/L team to minimize duplication of effort and to share findings. The Subteam will discuss best method to coordinate and share future discoveries with other teams. Subteam most recently learned that you cannot mix dynamic and static nodes within the same tree.

  5. Additional Information
The Enterprise Warehouse and Enterprise Performance Management has been packaged with the Budget Product. This potentially could be used for our reporting needs.