UDFS Ė Report Team Minutes

March 6, 2002

In attendance: Van Adams, Julie Burton, Marsha Lockard, Peggy Bottorff


All team members continue to review the teamís task plan, distributed by Marsha. This should be updated at least monthly.

Decisions: None

Issues: None


  1. Report Team plan: group reviewed and had no changes at this time.
  2. Subteam Ė Trees: Marsha gave an update on this subteam, which is led by Dee Smith. They had their first meeting last week, and discovered that, when a tree is created, some new chartfield values may be added to correspond with tree leaves. Whether or not this happens depends on where the tree is created; the subteam will look into this further.
  3. Public Query Update: Peggy gave update on this subteam. The group has categorized all existing A/P reports based on the type of information reported upon, and has cross-referenced this in a spreadsheet with A/Pís own categorization of its reports. An initial review of the PeopleSoft A/P public queries shows limited overlap. Next step is for subteam to categorize the public queries, then review with A/P to determine:
    1. What new reporting capability PS brings, and
    2. What existing reports must be retained, and how.
  4. Distribution of Reports: Dazzle may be a useful tool for this; Marsha may invite someone to demonstrate this for the reporting team this fall.
  5. Query tip: Van demonstrated how expressions can be used in queries. We used the concatenate and substring expressions, and noted that if a criteria is applied to a substring, the operator must be "LIKE." (It wonít work if the operators "=" or "in list" are used.) For example:

SUBSTR(A.POSTAL,1,3) like 197

Will return records where the POSTALís first three digits are 197.