UDFS-Report Team Minutes

February 6, 2002

In attendance:

Marsha Lockard, Amy Taylor, Peggy Bottorf, Cheryl Morris, Carol Rylee








  1. Executive Committee Update
    1. Carol reported that the chart of accounts group is finalizing itsí preparation for input. The trip to Princeton is scheduled for February 7, 2002. The team has a full list of questions.
  2. Review of meeting topics:
    1. Marsha reviewed the changes that resulted from combining the Project Plan and Task List. The consolidated document will be posted to the web.
    2. Peggy reported on the Access User Group Ė it is meeting regularly, but for the Reports Team purposes, it may have limited value, although it was hoped that at least one member from the team would stay in contact with the group.
    3. Peggy reported that the sub-group for communication team had a good response to her email request for volunteers, approximately 20 people responded, with good representation across campus.
    4. Amy reported that the Public Query Review sub-team is under way. The sub-team will be looking at A/P reports to establish the process, Stephan is printing the remaining reports, and delegation of the review out to the functional teams will probably occur after February 22 (sub-teamís next meeting). Functional team involvement will be by invitation or by recommendation through the Executive Team to make specific assignments to the functional teams.
    5. Marsha reported that the General Ledger group is ready to look more closely at their reporting needs, specifically to the use of nVision. If PS version 8.4 may be delivered with nVision, then Marsha will schedule a review of the GL training manual on nVision for the Reports Team.
    6. Marsha reported that in the near future, new chartfields and a control set of jvís will be entered into the test data. This is expected to happen very soon as afterwards, she and Julie will form a sub-team to run the ps delivered reports on general accounting reports. The work will be logged and shared with the Reports team, the COA group and the General Ledger team. The work will be used to validate the use of the new chartfields.