UDFS Reporting Team Minutes


In Attendance:

Carol Rylee

Van Adams

Greg Rumsey

Julie Burton


Marsha Lockard

TASK: Look into Query Security

  1. Executive Committee Update

A. Object code assignment being done to eliminate detailed o/c

B. Table complete for use in mapping

C. PS Town Hall meeting to be held

D. No version 8 for E&G-going straight to 9

    1. Projected release date: First quarter of 2002
    2. Budgets 8 is out and in Tory’s office – report team to work on reporting for budgets.
    3. PS to send rep to campus to address concerns/complaints
  1. Oracle presentation organized by Greg was held on February 20th.
    1. Portal
      1. Creates html
      2. Maintains design content of web page in a db
      3. Creates and distributes reports/forms/queries
    2. Discoverer
      1. ad hoc reporting tool
      2. "business area" allows a data warehouse type view to be created for users eliminating the need for an extract
      3. multiple business areas can be developed for users with different needs
      4. reports can be generated and distributed on the web
      5. integrated with Portal and Reports
    3. Reports
      1. an extremely powerful reporting tool that allows for codeless creation of simple to complex reports that use multiple data sources or queries.
      2. All reports can be put directly on the web.
      3. Reports have nav-bars (table of contents), drill-down, graphs, external links, etc.
      4. Integrated with Portal and Discoverer.
  1. Actuate
    1. Codeless report writer for web reports
    2. Distributes reports on the web
    3. Has several nice features but not as powerful as Oracle Portal and Reports used together.






Tentative PeopleBooks assignments:

March 7 – Van

? – Carol

March 14 – PS Recording

March 28 – Fine tune query class follow-up presentation to be done by Carol/Julie