UDFS Reporting Team Minutes


In Attendance:

Marsha Lockard

Carol Rylee

Van Adams

Julie Burton

Greg Rumsey

TASK: Van to email PeopleBooks assignment (exploring Nvision) this week.

TASK: Send naming conventions found in PBooks to Dee for Tips and Hints section of web page. (Julie)

  1. Executive Committee Update
  2. A. Princeton visit is being organized

    B. New SUV on web. Download over old version of SUV.

    C. Decisions made by teams will now be recorded on the web.

    D. Functional teams to have field comparison completed by April 1.

  3. Reviewed agenda for 1/31/01 presentation to the Executive Team
  4. A. No changes were proposed to the agenda

  5. Group Activities
    1. Starting in March, we will watch webcast recordings as a group.
      1. Between now and March, check the Recordings list under the Services tab in Customer Connection and send viewing suggestions to Marsha.

B. Figure out how to suppress zero or blanks in Crystal (x-ref reports).

  1. Discussion
    1. Discussed progress of some outstanding items:
        1. Greg said that Actuate would come do a demo.
        2. Carol looking into cost of report software.
        3. Van discovered that we do own Oracle Portal (server side) but do not own Oracle Reports (client side). Van to price.
  1. Schedule

January 31 UDFS Report Team Overview for Executive Team

February 5 Query Report Tool Overview for Team Leaders and Exec Team

February 7 Regular meeting

February 14 Meeting cancelled

February 21 Regular meeting

February 28 Work session: look at SQR programming and advanced query capabilities.