UDFS Report Team Minutes

January 23, 2002

Decisions: None

Issues: None

Tasks assigned: None

In attendance: Marsha Lockard, Carol Rylee, Cheryl Morris, Julie Burton, Van Adams, Peggy Bottorff, Amy Taylor

  1. Executive Committee Update
    1. COA presentation comments due to Executive Team by January 31st. Send email to udfs-exec@udel.edu and cc the report team if desired.
    2. Princeton visit set for February 7th.
  2. Consultant Questions
    1. Report team agreed that the list of questions to a consultant is ready to go to the Executive Team.
  3. Public Query Review Status Report
    1. Amy, Peggy and Cheryl began working with Stephan’s table, which is a compilation of query names and related fields and records.
    2. Group meeting this week and will have more to report next meeting.
  4. Work Session
    1. Continued with Intro to Query Class – Chapter 2