UDFS Reporting Team Minutes


In Attendance:

Marsha Lockard

Carol Rylee

Van Adams

Julie Burton


Greg Rumsey

TASK: Marsha to begin sample set of JVís

TASK: Carol to send out general notice to team leaders to request JV samples.

TASK: Marsha to explore opening cross reference reports in Excel.

TASK: Assign system labels to each field within each PS record/table.

  1. Executive Committee Update
  2. A. Princeton visit is being organized

    B. Version 8 release date has not been confirmed

    C. Budget module will be released this month

    D. Accounts payable has successfully loaded some sample vendors

  3. Reviewed agenda for 1/31/01 presentation to the Executive Team
  4. A. No changes were proposed to the agenda

  5. Delivered Reports Project Ė Progress Report
  6. A. Red and Green team are progressing well and on track for target completion date

  7. Discussion
    1. Discussed direction of the report team
        1. Marsha to compile some sample JVís
        2. Post JVís to PSoft
        3. Track transaction throughout effected record/tables
        4. Continue to meet weekly, alternate regular meetings with work sessions