Using the Cross Reference Reports to list Panel Names and Menu Names

(Note: after making changes to a public query, please do not save with same name. Recommend you save with a new name using your initials as first 3 letters.)

(Note: In the event this query does not produce narrow results desired, we suggest you run to Excel and remove the extraneous rows in Excel before producing final report desired.)


In People Soft

Choose Go - People Tools – Query

File – Open

Click on the arrow at the end of the Name field. Highlight the word "PUBLIC" in the row "PUBLIC QUERY XRFRCPN" and choose OK

Should look like this.

We can first delete the first row "B.Language_CD…" by double clicking the Col number of the row you want to delete.

If you run the query like this you will see all the Record Names, Menu Names and Panel Names.

If you want to change the order of the columns so that Panels is the first column:

Right click on the Ord number 3, choose Order by and type number 1 – OK

Right click on the Col number 3, choose Column number and type 1 – OK



If you want to search for specific panels like GL panels you can click on the criteria tab and look at the row "A.PNLNAME – Panel Name – Click on the down arrow under operator and highlight "like". Double click the Expression2 field and type GL% - OK

( the % is the wild card)

To run the query click on the "Results tab"

If you get a message "Operation is too large for undo buffer. Do you want to continue? Choose Yes.

Now the report will give you: Panel Name – Record Name – and Menu Name with only GL in the Panel Name.