Purchasing - Implementation Plans

Will be implemented as is, with no customizations, but purchasing client will not be put on desktops. Independent web requisitioning. Catalog ordering, vendor orders etc, will still be handled by the purchasing staff.

Purchasing will continue to use a web form, either existing or redesigned, for end-user input.

Will need to focus on linking the pro card to purchasing. Will switch to PSFT pro card if to our benefit. Ours has link to dept accounting. Does PSFT financials give us everything Dept Acctg gives us. If not, and if depts keep something like dept acctg, we will keep our procurement card.

Vendor file - continuing to do analysis . Trying to determine which purchasing and accounts payable vendors and do they link. Purchasing doesnít always have the information to get information in correctly. Likely to start from scratch. We donít know from what we have now which addresses match. (Multiple addresses to pay for single vendor).

Payment terms, shipping terms, XLAT tables. They are not customizations -- just tables.







Requisition submitted with suggested supplier, needed item(s), accounting info, authorization

Verification of:

Required information

Account validity

Account balance

Account authorization

Commodity authorization


Requistion received in purchasing

Routing for additional approval if necessary

Distribution to buyers


Develop specifications

Develop bidder list

Deliver RFQ/Bid/RFP to bidder list

Issue addenda

Receive, tabulate, record results

Distribute results

Purchase Order

Assign purchase order number

Select supplier

Assign payment terms

Assign shipping terms

Review funding, change if necessary

Select items

Assign correct pricing

Authorization by buyer

Distribute to supplier

Change Order

Submit/receive change order request

Verify authorization

Route if necessary

Change vendor

Change item

Change pricing

Change accounting

Change terms

Change shipping info

Solicit documentation

Produce change order

Distribute to supplier


Encumber at PO or requisition

Encumber change order

Disencumber order

Kill order

Procurement Cards

Request card

Submit request to bank

Record card number

Assign accounting info

Change accounting info

Download transactions

Distribute transactions

Allocate transactions

Cancel card


Payment request with order

Report on all transactions