1. Trees in general: (30 min.)

A listing of all the trees that need to be setup in Grants

2. F&A processing: ( 1 Hr.) (Gerri June 18)

Broad overview of how it works

Sample of one and detailed explanation of the structure of the F&A tree/s (are

there more than one?)

Details on how F&A offset accounts work.

3. Integration Templates: (30 mins) (Carol June 18)

Broad overview of how they work.

Sample of one and detailed information on how to set them up.

4. Migration of Grants data from legacy system: (1 Hr.) (N/A)

Samples of best case scenarios and detailed plans on how to do so.

Is it best to populate the proposals and then let P.S. populate the awards?

5. Integration with GL: (1 Hr.) (Becky June 18 or 25?)

Overview of how the Journal Generator works

Since Grants is Project driven, on the GL side what identifies a project as being a

part of a particular award?

How would one produce the NSF report?

6. Speedtypes verses Combination Editing (1 Hr.) (Becky June 11)

Overview of what a speedtype is and details on how it works

Overview of what a combination edit is and details on how it works.

How are speedtypes used in Grants? Will it ever be used in Grants?

7. Review of the current UD Chartfield Design: (30 min) (N/A)

Evaluation of implications for Grants module

Which of the chartfields are the most important to Grants? Our intent is to have 1

PS Dept for each project - what are the pros/cons?

8. Security (30 min) (Chris June 18)

Broad overview of how it works.

Suggestions for best-case scenarios

9. EDI (30 min) (Dave June 25)

Broad overview of how it works.

Does it come with everything we need? Translator?

10. Reporting (N/A)

Recommendation? What are other schools doing?

11. Contracts module? (Rachel June 11)

12. Auto numbering? (Rachel June 11)

13..Project Analysis (Chris/Dave June 25)

a.      Drill-up? Drill-down? How are they intended to be used?

b. Is there award analysis v. project analysis?

14..Grants module questions? (Barb June 25)

b.      Award modifications?

c.      Incremental funding?

c. Billing?










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