Project Module Team Meeting

Hullihen Hall Training Room

Wednesday, November 1, 2000 10:00

Present: Denise Schneider (General Accounting/Team Leader), Gail Tentor (Facilities), Gerri Hobbs (OVPR), Dave Bley (Facilities), Carol Rylee (Budget Office/Executive Team), Rachel Strickland (OVPR), Robin Harbaugh (Marine Studies), Van Adams (IT/MIS)

Visitor: Sharon Flynn (Investments)


Tasks Assigned

General Notes:

  1. Robin, Gail and Dave familiarized the committee members on how to use the Teamboard in the Hullihen training room.
  2. Denise made panel assignments.
  3. A decision on Peoplesoft 7.5 vs. 8.0 will be made soon.
  4. UD information for the single user version (SUV) will be available soon.
  5. The Hullihen Hall training room is available for use but check with Ellen Bourett (x2107) for scheduled meetings.