Project Module Team Meeting

General Accounting Conference Room

Wednesday, October 18, 2000 10:00

Present: Denise Schneider (General Accounting/Team Leader), Gail Tentor (Facilities), Gerri Hobbs (OVPR), Dave Bley (Facilities), Carol Rylee (Budget Office/Executive Team), Rachel Strickland (OVPR), Robin Harbaugh (Marine Studies), Van Adams (IT/MIS)

Visitor: Sharon Flynn (Investments)


Tasks Assigned

General Notes:

  1. Gail and Robin volunteered to familiarize themselves with the training room and act as teacher for the Project Teamís next meeting on 11/1 in the training room.
  2. Executive Committee meeting notes:
    1. Pat Davis to attend PS conference in CA in Oct and decision of 7.5 vs. 8.0 expected to be decided by end of Oct, hopefully
    2. Scott Smith(Digiterra) due here on 10/13 for the SUV set-up with UD data-update indicates that a JV was successfully run, some trouble still with A/P-Purchasing
    3. Server to be set up which will hole UD data to be used during testing
    4. Teamboard ready-allows writing and printing from white board and uses projector interactively

Note:Gibraltor for demo only-do not "break"

Titanic to do testing-okay to "break"

Sign on is SQL Base



Phone extension in 003 Hullihen is x3662