Project Module Team Meeting

General Accounting Conference Room

Wednesday, January 24, 2001

Present: Denise Schneider (General Accounting/Team Leader), Dave Bley (Facilities), Sharon Flynn (Investments), Robin Harbaugh (Marine Studies),

Carol Rylee (Budget Office/Executive Team), Rachel Strickland (OVPR), Van Adams (IT/MIS), Executive Team

Absent: Gail Tentor (Facilities), Gerri Hobbs (OVPR)

Tasks Assigned

General Notes:

  1. A hands on Peoplesoft activity will now be part of all our meetings.
  2. Arrangement for a demo of the project module is also being looked into.
  3. The setup team(Carol, Van, et al) will setup the Project module next.
  4. Marsha discovered a way to get a listing of panels/fields. Exec Comm investigating whether it can be used to complete first portion of panels assignment. Should know within a week or two.
  5. Exec Comm wants panel assignment complete by 4/1.
  6. Timing of 8.0, current expected date is 9/01 or 10/01.
  7. Sample vendors, chartfields and journals to be added to SUV by 2/28 to start accrual running and report writing.