Project Module Team Meeting

General Accounting Conference Room

Wednesday, January, 10, 2001 10:15

Present: Denise Schneider (General Accounting/Team Leader), Gail Tentor (Facilities), Sharon Flynn (Investments), Robin Harbaugh (Marine Studies),

Gerri Hobbs (OVPR), Carol Rylee (Budget Office/Executive Team), Rachel Strickland (OVPR), Van Adams (IT/MIS), Executive Team, Lynda Ruggerio (IT), Executive Team

Absent: Dave Bley (Facilities)

Tasks Assigned

General Notes:

  1. Carol indicated that there will be a project training session (not E&G) in Bethesda and 1 or 2 people will be attending.
  2. Arrangement for a demo of the project module is also being looked into.
  3. Denise will look into how PS webcasts might help.
  4. Members need to make notes of panels that they feel that have good potential.
  5. Next meeting is 1/24/01 in the General Accounting Conference Room.
  6. Project Module Committee while reading Peoplebooks needs to try and find how phases, segments, activities, and project life are used.
  7. The three priorities for the group at this time are to; complete the panel work, continue to work on the events assignment and work on the two new assignments on project fields and project-to-date history.