Campus Users contact Account Services to receive a block of account numbers for use in assigning an account number to miscellaneous customer.

Campus User sets up account number and demographics for their customer in SIS,

If itís the first time they are billing them.

Campus Users bill customers by submitting an electronic ffar if billed amount is over $100, and preparing and mailing an invoice, if necessary, for detail purposes or customer billing requirements.

Electronic ffar goes through appropriate account code approval process.

Account Services receives approved billing information, including account number, demographics, date, amount, and explanation, electronically from campus users.

Account Services views and approves billings that are grouped by designated debit and credit thresholds.

Update miscellaneous accounts with approved billing information.

Create accounting entries.

Produce a bill with an OCR scan line on a monthly basis, or other timeframe if necessary.

Receive payment input.

Produce monthly Aging Report of all miscellaneous accounts.

Produce monthly Aging Reports sorted by user.

Respond to billing inquiries.

Follow up with Campus User if account remains unpaid.

Refer to collection agency, if appropriate.