LABOR ALLOCATION MODULE (LAM) - Working Document 9/19/02





I. Salary Allocation (Step I)

A. Fields needed

1. 5-digit employee id

2. 9-digit SSN

3. Name

4. Department

5. 10 account codes (PS format: ALL fields - even ones we're not currently using)

                        6. 10 percentages (matched with the account codes)

                        7. Speed type

                        8. Date of Late Update (display only, system generated)

                        9. Date of Last Extract (display only, system generated)

                        10. Updated by Empl ID (display only, system generated)

B. Decisions:

1. Will be only SM budget line employees

2. BW payroll will not go through this process

3. Budget Office will input information for New Hires with true funding sources provided by submitting department on JED in the "comments" box

4. All employees (SM with budget line) will have same chartfield string in HR.  This will be a key data element in the logic of whether the payroll transaction is passed through the LAM or by-passes it (maybe all 9's in the department and account fields?)

5. Security not needed if salary not displayed

6. Web input form will display existing labor allocations and a corresponding column to change the values

7. NO effective date in Step I (form should notify which pay date the change will be effective)

8. No distribution history will be stored in Step I

9. No transaction history will be stored in Step I

10. If departments want to keep distribution history, they must print web form

C. Issues

            1. Validation of entries

2. Access and/or approvals

3. Adds, changes, deletes

4. Grad students

D. Reporting

1. May want a departmental report that marries HR information (annual rate or comp rate) with Labor Allocation data



II. Encumbrance/Disencumbrance

            A. Salary

                        1. Rate of pay (from HRMS)

                        2. End date for each acct. code and % (FY or open ended?)

            B. Benefits

            C. Overhead (salary)

            D. Decisions

                        1. Use will be voluntary

2. Departments will be responsible for maintenance

3. Entries will not flow to general ledger



III. Retro Salary JV


IV. Effort Reporting


V. Permanent Budget