UD PeopleSoft Financial System - Data Dictionary
Last updated for this Record on 6/7/2003.


Enumerates Obligations (Encumbrances), both salary and non-salary. Salaries are automatically encumbered and disencumbered by the Labor Allocation Module (LAM) and Payroll process. Non-salary items are manually encumbered and disencumbered. Each Obligation may be divided into multiple details, each with their own Chartfields and amounts in the child table, UOD_OBLIG_DTL.
Further details are in this record's child: UOD_OBLIG_DTL.

EFFDT Effective Date Example: 01/01/1951
KEY Type: date Format: uppercase Length: 10 Decimals: 0
The date on which this row of data takes effect.
SETID SetID Example: UOD01
KEY Type: character Format: uppercase Length: 5 Decimals: 0
The only valid value at UD at this time is "UOD01".
UOD_ENC_ID Encumbrance ID Example: Pencils
KEY Type: character Format: uppercase Length: 10 Decimals: 0
Unique identifier of the specific encumberance.
DESCR Description Example: Pencils for test taking
Type: character Format: lowercase Length: 30 Decimals: 0
EFF_STATUS Status as of Effective Date Example: A
Type: character Format: uppercase Length: 1 Decimals: 0
Indicates whether the row of data is active or inactive.
TOTAL_AMOUNT Total Amount Example:
Type: signed number Format: uppercase Length: 16 Decimals: 4
Total monetary amount for an obligation. The sum of single or multiple lines of distribution.
TOTAL_LINES SpeedChart Total Lines Example:
Type: number Format: uppercase Length: 4 Decimals: 0
Number of lines in an obligation.