UD PeopleSoft Financial System - Data Dictionary
Last updated for this Record on 6/7/2003.


Labor Distributions (LAM) for each employee are given effective dates for Active/Inactive status in this Record.
Further details are in this record's child: UOD_LBR_DST_DTL.

EFFDT Effective Date Example: 01/01/1951
KEY Type: date Format: uppercase Length: 10 Decimals: 0
The date on which this row of data takes effect.
EFF_STATUS Status as of Effective Date Example: A
Type: character Format: uppercase Length: 1 Decimals: 0
Indicates whether the row of data is active or inactive.
EMPLID EmplID Example: 30660
Type: character Format: uppercase Length: 11 Decimals: 0
Employee ID from HR system.
Fields deemed insignificant at UD, or of limited use to general campus users.