Grants Team


(proposal process eliminated)


Receive award from agency

Date/time stamped, logged into Access database

Reviewed by PM

Routed to APM to be processed:

- Notify academic department by email of receipt of award and if necessary request revised budget and blue sheet

- Award reviewed and GMS checked for appropriate/correct information

- Account code assigned

Other pertinent information (i.e. CFDA number, billing info, reporting requirements, equipment ownership, matching information) added to GMS

GABAL and GADESC is updated by GMS

Email notification sent to certain OVPR staff to notify of new award or change in existing account

Account maintenance sheet faxed to academic department

Establish subcontracts, if necessary

Treasurerís Office (Marsha Lockard) receives copy of account maintenance sheet

Copy of award is sent to department


Under decentralization, the academic department has the ability to make budget revisions in GMS

Monitor subcontracts for payments and activity

Completes closeouts of sponsored projects


Prepares/submits invoices on all sponsored research accounts

Drawdown of federal funds on letter-of-credit accounts, create jvís to distribute funds

Prepares/submits interim financial reports

Monitors accounts receivable for timely collection of funds

Start NEW

Create Account for Sponsored Project-based on award or request for preaward.

Load/Enter BudgeT for new project (currently loaded from GMS to GABAL and GADESC). (see attachment of fields loaded from GMS).

Route information about new project to managers and sr. accnt, associate treas. office via automatic e-mail, and route paper copy of maintenance sheet that is printed out.

Encumber funds for any subcontract associated with project. (department issues a purchase requisition for the amount of the subcontract.)

Modify Budget and end-date of Existing Project- based on modification from Agency

Increase/Decrease project budget (done in GMS) - same notification process as above.


Review transactions as part of closeout

Review activity for unallowable costs

Process final invoice or return unused funds

Unallowed transactions are JVíd to department

Make sure what is actually charged to sponsored project is the correct effort shown in the SAR.

SAR = Sponsored Activity Report System - picks up salaries from PAF. When a department fills out a PAF or S Con, they put the account codes and $ to be charged to the account codes. Once $ are encumbered in GA and paid, the SAR system, every 6 months, looks at GA real dollars for each faculty member and calculates the percentage at that time.