MINUTES: Grants/Projects Subgroup Team Meeting on 05/16/01

Attendees: Van Adams, Beck Boutz, Chris Cook, Gerri Hobbs, Barb MacKenzie,

Dave McCarren, Denise Schneider, and Rachel Strickland

Excused: Carol Rylee


Grants Training(Project Plan Item 132): Becky gave an update on the P/S training sessions which will begin on Tuesday, May 29, 2001 at 8:30 am in Room 116, Pearson Hall. We will be using laptop computers supplied by P/S and a special note (NO FOOD IN ROOM).

Status of Facilities Sub-Team by Denise Schneider: Denise reported that the 1st meeting had gone well and that they were working toward setting up their sub-goals.

Update from Exec. Team Leaders Meeting on 05/15/01: Becky gave an update of the meeting.

Status of Proposal/Award of Panel Assignments (Project Plan Item 115): Each team has met once to begin getting familiar with moving thru the panels. The proposal team worked thru 3 panels and the award team worked thru 6 panels.

Ongoing Assignments: (Project Plan Items 125-129) Becky handed out color coded notebooks to each team member and requested that each member keep a list (diary) of special area of expertise topics issues as we see a need, such as:




Program Plan: Becky gave each member a hand-out of the UDFS Project Plan (which is on the website and updated by Lynda Ruggerio).

Setting up Grants Control Tables and Records: Becky gave each member a copy of the Record Groups and Record Group Control Tables (great resource for identifying the group ID and Table Names).

Setup of Grants: The team worked thru more tasks in the setup of grants. Rachel volunteered to maintain the "Master List" and Dave will be keeping a list of "issues to be resolved" in the setting up Grants tasks.

Assignments for next meeting: It was decided that we would not meet the week of May 21st since we will be dedicating a week to P/S training the following week. We will be concentrating our efforts at our home bases next week playing catch-up and gearing up for the training session.