University of Delaware      Grants/Projects Module, Grants Subgroup Team Meeting Minutes      10/31/01


Grants Subgroup Team Members:

Becky Boutz:  OVPR (Team Leader)                                                   Denise Schneider: Accounting (Vice-Team Leader)

Van Adams:  IT/MIS   (Non-working member)                                  Chris Cook: Chemical Engineering

Dave McCarren: Marine Studies                                                                     Gerri Hobbs: OVPR

Barb MacKenzie: OVPR                                                                                     Carol Rylee : Budget Off. (Non-working member)

Rachel Strickland: OVPR                                                                                     Eileen Prazniak:  Accounting 


Status of Tasks Assigned:

Pending Tasks Assigned


Panel Assignments (Grants)

100% Complete

Document UD/GMS Table and Field Names

85% Complete

Document Panels & Fields for Review

100% Complete

Grants Module Set up

99% Complete

Mapping UD data into P.S. Grants Module

1% Complete

Interfaces(from/to/internal/external) (Grants)

Not assigned yet

Table Prioritization: Significant Tables to PeopleSoft App. And Significant Tables to UOD business processes

Not assigned yet


Status of Facilities Sub-Team by Denise Schneider:


Update from Exec. Team Leaders Meeting:


On-Demand Training Module Decisions:


Ongoing Assignments to keep notebook of Special Concerns/Issues:

Billing:  Rachel Strickland

Accounting Issues: Denise Schneider

Departmental Issues: Chris Cook and Dave McCarren (individually)

OVPR/Proposals Issues: Gerri Hobbs

OVPR/Award Issues: Barb MacKenzie

Grants/Projects Interfaces: Becky Boutz


Setup of Grants:



1.       People Soft version 8.4 should be in place by March 2002 for testing

2.       Phase 1 for Financials should be initiated by July 2003

3.       Carol Rylee request we set up a list of addresses for departments…have Van locate the source for getting list of departments and vendor addresses


Continue working the Grants Training Workbook to test the completeness of Grants Single Version Setup.


Assignments for next meeting:  

1.       Mapping UD data assignment

2.     Continue the set up of a proposal