University of Delaware      Grants/Projects Module, Grants Subgroup Team Meeting Agenda      8/22/01


Grants Subgroup Team Members:

Becky Boutz:  OVPR (Team Leader)                                                  Denise Schneider: Accounting (Vice-Team Leader)

Van Adams:  IT/MIS           (Non-working member)                                       Chris Cook: Chemical Engineering

Robin Harbaugh/Dave McCarren: Marine Studies                                        Gerri Hobbs: OVPR

Barb MacKenzie: OVPR                                                                                      Carol Rylee : Budget Off. (Non-working member)

Rachel Strickland: OVPR 

Absent: Van Adams, Denise Schneider, Carol Rylee

Status of Tasks Assigned:


Pending Tasks Assigned


Panel Assignments (Grants)

100% Complete

Document UD/GMS Table and Field Names

85% Complete

Document Panels & Fields for Review

100% Complete

Grants Module Set up

95 % Complete

Mapping UD data into P.S. Grants Module

1% Complete

Interfaces(from/to/internal/external) (Grants)

Not assigned yet

Table Prioritization: Significant Tables to PeopleSoft App. And Significant Tables to UOD business processes

Not assigned yet

Status of Facilities Sub-Team by Denise Schneider:



Update from Exec. Team Leaders Meeting: 


Discussion of eRA VI (Electronic Research Administration) Conference attended by Gerri Hobbs and Becky Boutz:

The Conference, sponsored by the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) was held in Portland Oregon, Aug. 17-18, 2001.  It was attended by most educational institutions and many heads of Government Agencies. 


Discussion of Mapping UD data into P.S. Grants Module:

On hold until Setup of Grants in complete


On-Demand Training Module Decisions:

Will schedule the “Chart Fields” training for the meeting in 4 weeks.


Ongoing Assignments to keep notebook of Special Concerns/Issues:

Billing:  Rachel Strickland

Accounting Issues: Denise Schneider

Departmental Issues: Chris Cook and Dave McCarren (individually)

OVPR/Proposals Issues: Gerri Hobbs

OVPR/Award Issues: Barb MacKenzie

Grants/Projects Interfaces: Becky Boutz


Setup of Grants:

Set up is 99% complete.  Need to discuss the feed from Human Resources module with Van Adams. 


Assignments for next meeting:  

1.       The Proposal Team and the Award Team will each attempt to put in a Proposal or Award on Titanic to test the Grants setup for problems.