Grants Projects Module Team Minutes

July 11, 2001


Present:            Becky Boutz               Barb MacKenzie

                        Van Adams             Chris Cook

                        Denise Schneider            Rachel Strickland

                        Dave McCarren            Gerri Hobbs


Absent: Carol Rylee               





Status of Facilities Subgroup:


Facilities Subgroup is going to work through the Single User Version with the training manual hoping to complete the significant tables in priority task assigned.


Executive Team Update:


Accounts Receivable/Billing Team will be starting in a few weeks. It is not yet known who will comprise this group. Budget Module in version 8.0 will be loaded in several months.


Becky distributed the list of the Token courses by person. These are available for one year from the date purchased. Each member of the Grants Team will be reviewing the list of offerings to determine our preferences for group and individual trainings.


The decision was made to create a separate work plan for the issues that need to be address by the Executive Team. Dave McCarren will be updating that list for Becky.


Discussion of Panel Assignments:


Awards team- complete


Proposal team- Chris and Dave continue to work with panel lists. Should complete by next meeting.


Setup of Grants:


The remainder of the meeting continued with the Setup of Grants starting with Sponsor Forms through Work Breakdown Structure.  We will continue with the Setup process at our next meeting on 7/25/01.