Grants Projects Module Team Minutes

June 27, 2001


Present:            Becky Boutz               Barb MacKenzie

                        Van Adams             Chris Cook

                        Denise Schneider            Rachel Strickland

                        Dave McCarren


Absent: Carol Rylee                Gerri Hobbs




Forms in Grants Module-currently there are only two agencies available NIH and NSF

This is NOT a full list of agencies and the necessary forms for completion of the proposal/award/closeout process.


Grants Training: May 29-June 1:


Based on the list of feedback in the minutes of 6/20/01, send any changes/additions to Becky by this Friday, 6/29.


Status of Facilities Subgroup:


No update from last Grants subgroup meeting.  Next Facilities meeting on 7/3.  Copy of the Projects Module training manual is now in 003 Hullihen.


Discussion of Panel Assignments:


Awards team-approx 99% complete-awaiting additional information from Becky to complete assignment


Proposal team-Gerri has been reassigned to work on documentation of GMS working toward mapping UD data once panel assignment is done.  Chris and Dave continue to work with panel lists.


Setup of Grants:


The remainder of the meeting continued with the Setup of Grants starting with Sponsor Forms through Work Breakdown Structure.  The lists of concerns are being maintained by Dave and Becky.  We will continue with the Setup process at our next meeting on 7/11.