University of Delaware      Grants/Projects Module, Grants Subgroup Team Meeting Minutes      04/09/02


+ = members present

Grants Subgroup Team Members:

+ Becky Boutz:  OVPR (Team Leader)                                                   Van Adams:  IT/MIS      (Non-working member)

+ Chris Cook: Engineering                                                                           Carol Rylee : Budget Office (Non-working member)

+ Gerri Hobbs: OVPR

Barb MacKenzie: OVPR

+ Dave McCarren: Marine Studies

+ Rachel Strickland: OVPR 


Status of Tasks Assigned:

Pending Tasks Assigned


Panel Assignments (Grants)

100% Complete

Document UD/GMS Table and Field Names

85% Complete

Document Panels & Fields for Review

100% Complete

Grants Module Set up

99% Complete

Mapping UD data into P.S. Grants Module

75% Complete

Interfaces(from/to/internal/external) (Grants)

Not assigned yet

Table Prioritization: Significant Tables to PeopleSoft App. And Significant Tables to UOD business processes

100% Complete


Update from Exec. Team + Team Leaders Meeting: 4/4/02

8.4 and Server: expect around June 1

Van will be putting the 8.4 PeopleBooks online.

Assignment: Training Checklist (skeleton will be used for training manuals)- raise the priority of task

RFP for Contractor: Will bring in contractor who will bring along detailed project management plans for each module.

Report Team demonstrated Nvision reporting tool.

Status of Facilities Sub-Team by Carol Rylee:

No update

Status of Billing Team- Rachel Strickland:

No update

On-Demand Training Module:

No update

Ongoing Assignments to keep notebook of Special Concerns/Issues:

Billing:  Rachel Strickland

Accounting Issues: Denise Schneider

Departmental Issues: Chris Cook and Dave McCarren (individually)

OVPR/Proposals Issues: Gerri Hobbs

OVPR/Award Issues: Barb MacKenzie

Grants/Projects Interfaces: Becky Boutz


Status of Mapping UD/GMS data into PS Task assignments: (GERRI AND BARB)

Gerri says that the assignment is about 75% complete.  She expects to have it finished within 4 weeks.


Assignment of Training Checklist.

This topic will be revisited once Chris and Dave get more information from the Training/Communications team.  They are to report to the team next Tuesday.


Design of F & A tree.

Becky to arrange meeting with Ben Martin to discuss F&A tree.  A fair amount of time was spent discussing the F&A tree and possible design of it.


Assignments for next meeting:  

1.        Continue working on F&A tree understanding

2.     Read PeopleBooks on F&A Process


The website has been redesigned and suggestions for improvements are being accepted.

A list of questions for a consultant was started and included the following:

                Should budget categories be in alignment with G/L?

                Are there budget category types in G/L?

                Do we have to have both an inclusion and exclusion base type in the F&A tree?




                Getting a consultant to advise on F&A tree.  It might be a larger task than originally thought and help might not be available from PeopleBooks.       


Decisions made: