University of Delaware      Grants/Projects Module, Grants Subgroup Team Meeting Minutes      01/08/02


Grants Subgroup Team Members:

Becky Boutz:  OVPR (Team Leader)                                                   Van Adams:  IT/MIS      (Non-working member)

Chris Cook: Engineering                                                                                           Carol Rylee : Budget Office (Non-working member)

Gerri Hobbs: OVPR

Barb MacKenzie: OVPR

Dave McCarren: Marine Studies

Rachel Strickland: OVPR 


Status of Tasks Assigned:

Pending Tasks Assigned


Panel Assignments (Grants)

100% Complete

Document UD/GMS Table and Field Names

85% Complete

Document Panels & Fields for Review

100% Complete

Grants Module Set up

99% Complete

Mapping UD data into P.S. Grants Module

1% Complete

Interfaces(from/to/internal/external) (Grants)

Not assigned yet

Table Prioritization: Significant Tables to PeopleSoft App. And Significant Tables to UOD business processes

Not assigned yet


Update from Exec. Team + Team Leaders Meeting11/29/01:

PS Conference: March 4-7 (Las Vegas), limiting attendees due to budget issues, Rachel Strickland attending for both Billing and Grants

Chart of Accounts: 12/12/01 meeting, want feedback by end of January.

Project Plan: Ellen Lepine will be taking over from Lynda. The plan is being split into parts which will be maintained and posted on each Team’s individual website area.  Occasionally the pieces will be consolidated.

Version 8.4 : Carol and Roby participated in a recent PS Town Meeting Conference Call and the PS Fin 8.4 product is still on target

for the March 31 delivery date.  It will probably be the end of April or mid-May when we start using the product on equipment designated for the Financials project.  The goal is to have as much data to convert into the module as we can and to have the modules set-up as completely as possible.

PS Consultants:  Regarding current consulting help needs we plan to bring a consultant in for 1 day to answer a focused set of questions (these are being compiled for General Accounting and the Chart of Accounts). All the teams are welcome to develop their own list of specific questions.  (Van clarified- that the consultants will be called in as needed- but in a concentrated/organized manner)

Status of Facilities Sub-Team by Carol Rylee: team is disbanded. Facilities will not be using PS Project to manage their financials.  This decision will be re-evaluated in the future.


Status of Billing Team- Rachel Strickland:  Team is meeting regularly (bi-weekly) and has already completed their event list and is moving on to the panel assignment.


On-Demand Training Module: It was agreed that Becky will intersperse these among our weekly working meetings.  This needs to wait until after the Chart of Accounts issues are resolved.


Meeting schedule:  Meeting are now every Tuesday, 1:30p.m.- 3:00p.m.  Only one meeting a month will be an Official Team Meeting- with minutes.  The other 3 will be working meetings.  The Team meeting dates are now posted on the UDFS page under Grants Subcommittee. The meeting is listed, as is the minute taker for the official meetings.


Discussion of Chart of Accounts Meeting: Feedback and issues that need further research.

PS Chart Field review was begun one chart field at a time.



                Need for clarification on whether a grant/contract will be AGNCY or OPBAL. How to ID federal funds? May use a tree? This field will be speed typed.



                Similar to our object code. Basically good overall. Only concern is that of the ‘line number’ value. The team would like to have the ‘line number’ be unique to each faculty and graduate student. The Exec. Team seemed amenable to that change at the overview session, so this is possible. Chris Cook is going to write to the Chart of Accounts Team to voice this concern officially.



                ISSUE—The team is struggling with the mechanics of this chart field in grants as it relates to the proposal/award process. The concern is that the proposal may need to have this chart field completed before it is awarded, thus there would exist a tremendous amount of ‘unused’ PS DEPT values in the list, as not all of our proposals become awards.

                The team is going to evaluate this in the next meeting.


                This is a transaction level (like trans code?) value that may have some user defined values.


                5 character field which is user defined. Could assist in IDing match?

Assignments for next meeting:  

1.        HOEMWORK for 1/15 is to review chapter 11 in our training manual to understand the process for awarding a proposal. We will test this next week.