Summary of 09/28/00 G/L Team Meeting


Attendees:  Ben Martin                  

                   Tim Miller                  

                   Cathy Zinszer

                   Dave Adkins

                   Karen D’Amato         

       Jeff Quirico

                   Linda Somers                              



Decisions:  Send the finalized prioritized Events List to Linda Ruggerio.

                   The Events List was created, discussed, prioritized and completed.


Task:  The G/L Team members will complete their visitations and narratives on

           peripheral databases and submit them to Ben by October 9th. 


Task:  The G/L Team will identify required reports and submit to Ben a “report

           summary” along with samples of reports by October 9th.


Task:  G/L Team members will read all information regarding “Periods” in PS People

           Books, single user version, for a discussion at our next scheduled G/L Team

           meeting on October 12th.


The meeting started at 2:00 with all of the G/L Team members present.  Ben began the discussion with our prioritized Events List.  Since Jeff was not present at our meeting of August 31st, Ben reviewed the changes that were made in regards to prioritizing the list.   Everyone agreed that the prioritized list was complete and ready to send to Linda Ruggerio.


Ben asked us to report on the status of our peripheral database visitations and narratives.  With the exception of Institutional Research, all of the visits from the original list have been completed.  Most of the team had a positive response from the units in regards to the required reports and the use of the report summary template. All narratives and report information will be completed and sent to Ben by October 9th.  


Jeff shared information with us about the changes in PS 8.0.   Jeff explained that we would have access to more chart fields, for example, expanding the account field from 6 characters to 10.  The data will remain the same as in 7.5 but 8.0 is more web based.  PS 8.0 will be available the second quarter in 2001.    UD employees who are attending training sessions will continue with the 7.5 version.


Ben asked the G/L team members if anyone used the PS “Training participation Guide” that he handed out at our last meeting.  Dave said that he did try using the UD single user version.  He was just learning how to move around in the program.  There are a lot of drop down boxes.  Ben suggested that we all use the PS pre-class tutorial located at before using the training guide. 


Ben asked Jeff if he could clarify one of our future assignments, to identify significant tables.  Jeff responded by telling us this would be the tables that we currently use to do our job.  Where could we get the same information in PS?  Investigate PS panels in the UD single user version.  Make changes to the records and go into the query to find the changes you have made.  We will need to be able to set up tables in PS that will give us the same information used in the GA tables.


Ben also asked Jeff if the G/L team would participate in the creation of MS Access conversion table for the chart of accounts.  Jeff responded that the G/L Team and the General Accounting Department would need to help build this new system.  Jeff explained that we need to have this mapped out on paper so that the information can be dropped into the PS system.


To conclude our meeting Jeff asked the G/L team to investigate “Periods” in People Books Chapter 8.  During the first fifteen minutes of our next meeting, we will have a discussion about “Periods.”