Summary of 08/03/00 G/L Team  Meeting


Attendees:  Ben Martin

                   Jeff Quirico

                   Tim Miller

                   Kathy Zinszer

                   Dave Adkins

                   Linda Somers

                   Karen D’Amato


Ben reviewed the agenda topics discussed at the July 27, 2000 Executive Committee meeting and explained  the assigned tasks and deadlines.


Ben also explained the additional tasks given to our team that are:

1.   Investigate how the Closing Rules in PS work

2.      Investigate how the Allocation Rules in PS work


Ben also shared with the team a list of G/L functional events consisting of 39 event items.  It was agreed that each team member would add any additional events to the list by Tuesday, August 8th and submit them to Ben.  Ben will review the list to determine what event items can be grouped into major categories.  This will then become the events list that will be submitted to the Executive Committee by the August 15th deadline.


It was agreed that we would meet every two weeks on Thursdays from 2:00-3:30 at 910 South Chapel Street conference room.


All team members will investigate how Closing Rules and Allocations work in PS instead of assigning one person to each task.