Summary of 08/31/00 G/L Team Meeting


Attendees:  Ben Martin                  

                   Tim Miller

                   Linda Somers                  

                   Cathy Zinszer

                   Dave Adkins

                   Karen D’Amato         


Excused:     Jeff Quirico


The meeting began at 2:00.


Ben began the meeting with information about the PS training that he and Tim Miller attended on August 28.  The training consisted of hands on interactive training using PS Financials 7.5 Training Manual.  Ben is going to send the manual to Graphics and make copies for each of the G/L Team members.  Ben and Tim will be responsible for training the G/L team.  Ben suggested that all team members look at the PS Tutorial.


Ben asked the team members if we have the PS Single User Version software on their PC’s.  Some of the members already have the software and the other members are working on getting it loaded.  Cathy commented on one aspect she experienced while exploring the PS software, that she could not print any of the screens for references.  Ben agreed.  He also tried to print screens while going through the PS tutorial and could not. 


The Executive Committee is in the process of working with IT-Management Information Services to populate PS Single User University’s Version with University data.  Dave will investigate the situation and report back to Ben with a prospective date of availability.  


The next topic on the agenda was reviewing and discussing our prioritized Events List.

Ben provided additional categories to help us to determine priorities from non- priorities.  Ben will revamp the list using these categories.  The categories consisted of the following:

1.      Processing activities

2.      Reconciling activities

3.      Reporting activities

4.      Other activities


Ben explained each activity on the events list except the Budget Office activities associated with the General Ledger and Internal Auditors Office Business processes related to the General Ledger.  Cathy explained the Budget Office activities.  She identified the Budget Office activities as a sub system.  Linda explained the Internal Auditors business processes. 


The next topic on the agenda was to discuss our peripheral database assignments.   Ben asked each team member if they were able to complete their assignments.    He handed out an example of a narrative write up he started.  He also had samples of reports produced from the department’s peripheral databases.  Ben will retain the complete file containing a narrative for each assignment with any associated reports.  All completed narratives should be sent to Ben through email.  Ben needs to prepare to meet with the Executive Committee to identify the peripheral databases on September 12.


The last topic of the agenda was required reports.  Ben gave us each a copy of an email from Jeff Quirico with an additional assignment.  The G/L team will be the spokespeople for the entire PS project with regard to all their financial data needs, including reporting.  When we talk to the users, we will make a list of all types of financial reports they do and all the additional data elements they keep or capture that they cannot get from the existing system.  The units that we have been assigned to contact will be used as a sample of the University’s departmental financial data needs.


Gathering information on required reports will be an ongoing process.  This list will   include reports generated from peripheral databases not generated by the G/L system.

We will continue accumulating information to be submitted to the Executive Committee on October 10. 


The meeting ended at 3:40.  The next meeting will be held on September 14 at 2:00 in the Conference room at 910 South Chapel Street.