Summary of 6/7/01 G/L Team Meeting


Attendees:  Ben Martin                  

                   Cathy Zinszer

                   Karen D’Amato       

                   Dave Adkins


Excused:    Tim Miller

                   Linda Somers            




Task:          Dave, with the assistance of the GL Team, will write up the documentation

                   for setting up tables in PS General Ledger System.


Task:         List all of the interfaces to UD General Ledger System both to and from and

                  internal and external.


Task:         Identify Significant Tables and Create a List of Tables in Priority Order.


Task:        Determine if the PS Allocation Process can be used to process UD monthly

                 fringe benefits and overhead.


Issues:       How will Transfers/Allocations be handled in PS?



Ben began the meeting with an overview of the highlights from the PS “Grants for Education and Government” four day training session.  He gave us a copy of the Training Book Table of Contents as a reference. 


Dave talked about the on line classes offered by PS.  They are listed on the People Soft Knowledge Center web site.  We accessed the course catalog for the “On Demand Training.”  We will review the list and let Ben know if there are any specific courses we would like to take. 


Ben is completing the final review of the assignment to match UD data with PS fields, records (tables) and panels.  He asked us if we would all help him with the review process of the comparison worksheet.  We were assigned pages from the spreadsheet to review (Dave pages 1-4, Karen pages 5-8, and Cathy pages 9-14).  We will evaluate all of the information, and test the path to make sure that we agree with the comment and choice of the PS panel. 


We discussed how to proceed with the assignment to “Identify significant tables and create a list of tables in priority order.”  A decision was made to complete this assignment by continuing to investigate the assigned menus in PS found in our 12/14/00 minutes.  Cathy and Linda will split the assignment for PS panels “Translation Rule, Translation Step, Translate within Ledger, and Budget Period Transfer.”  Karen will complete “Perform Allocations” page 4 of the handout and Dave will complete “Perform Allocations” page 5.


Dave reported on his progress with the assignment to write up the documentation                   for setting up tables in PS General Ledger System.  He went over to room 003 in Hullihen Hall and reviewed Jeff’s notes on the subject.  He also reviewed the General Ledger Course.  He is investigating PS panels and learning about PS tables.  He is gaining the necessary knowledge to complete the assignment. 


Our next Scheduled meeting will be on June 21st .