Summary of June 25, 2002 G/L Team Meeting


Attendees:  Ben Martin                  

                   Karen D’Amato       

                   Dave Adkins

                   Linda Somers  

                   Elieen Prazniak

                   Amy Connell               

                   Cathy Zinszer


Absent:    Tim Miller


Task:        Determine if the PS Allocation Process can be used to process UD monthly

                 fringe benefits.

Task:        Create a step-by-step check list that will be used to assist us in running the

                 current legacy system processes in PS



Issues:       How will Transfers/Allocations be handled in PS?


Ben announced that he would be attending a meeting on 6/28 with a PS Consultant presenting an overview of the PS 8.4 Grants Module.  Ben extended an invitation to any G/L team members who would be interested in attending.  This meeting will take place in Room 127 Memorial Hall from 8:00 to 5:00.  Ben also distributed the agenda for the meeting.


Ben also told us that PS 8.4 has 3 additional chart fields.  The university will be using  chartfield 2 for State Funding and Capital Funding Sources.  Ben distributed the recommendations for the proposed chartfield values from Carol Rylee.


The rest of the meeting was spent discussing the upcoming PS 8.4 mandated “Go Live” and viewing PS GL Courses offered in the PS Knowledge center.  Ben will contact Kate Webster for specific information regarding these courses, and the required tutorials, and prerequisites.


Our next scheduled meeting will be on July 9th.