Summary of 5/24/01 G/L Team Meeting


Attendees:  Ben Martin                  

                   Cathy Zinszer

                   Linda Somers  

                   Karen D’Amato       

                   Dave Adkins


Excused:    Tim Miller 





Task:          Dave, with the assistance of the GL Team, will write up the documentation

                   for setting up tables in PS General Ledger System.


Task:         List all of the interfaces to UD General Ledger System both to and from and

                  internal and external.


Task:         Identify Significant Tables and Create a List of Tables in Priority Order.


Task:        Determine if the PS Allocation Process can be used to process UD monthly

                 fringe benefits and overhead.


Issues:       How will Transfers/Allocations be handled in PS?



To begin our meeting, Ben read the email from Carol Rylee regarding identify significant tables and create a list of tables in priority order.  There was still some confusion and we called Carol Rylee for clarification.  Carol stated that we should identify any PS Tables related to the People Soft General Ledger that we would use in the future data warehouse.  We came to the conclusion that we have already identified significant tables with our current assignment to compare UD data to PS panels, records (tables), and fields.  We will review the tables listed in our current assignment as well as all other tables listed in PS General Ledger to complete the assignment of identify significant tables and create a list of tables in priority order.


We also did a final review of comparing UD data to PS fields, records (tables) and panels.  Using PS SUV we followed the path for each panel to identify the UD possible match in PS listing any necessary corrections.


Dave reported that he looked for a PS manual for “Setting up Tables”, and it does not exist. However, there are books for “Administrators for PS Main Financials”.  Dave will purchase the text book and begin exploring “Setting up Tables” in PS.   Dave is currently using People Books to research PS “Setting up Tables”.  He is also going to check into getting the Original PS SUV software accessible on the web.  He would like to be able to use the original version so that he can actually input information to create the set up tables.


Our next Scheduled meeting will be on June 7th.