Summary of 3/26/01 G/L Team Meeting


Attendees:  Ben Martin                  

                   Cathy Zinszer

                   Linda Somers  

                   Karen D’Amato       



Excused:    Dave Adkins

                  Tim Miller 



Task:          The G/L team was divided into three groups to complete the assignment of

                   relating PS data to UD Existing data by April 1.  Each group will compare the

                   data tables in PS with the data element tables in GA.  The groups are as

                   follows:  Ben and Karen  - GA Gadescfile, Cathy and Linda – GA Gabalfile,

                   and  Tim and Dave – GA Srtmat. 



The agenda for this meeting was to finalize our assignment to match UD data with PS fields, records (tables) and panels. 


We began the meeting comparing our lists to identify any duplication of PS panels.  The panels that were duplicated will have both of the UD data element file names in the UD Database and UD Field Name columns on the excel spreadsheet.


Linda and Cathy asked the question, “After we identify a Panel Name that could be similar to the UD Data Element, how do we find the panel in PS?”  Using PS People Tools application we tried to find one of the panels by just looking for the name in the menus.  This was a long process, and we decided there had to be an easier way.  We called Marsha Lochard.  Marsha said she thought there was a way to use a Cross Reference Report to get us closer to locating the panel.   She told us that she would work on the task and call us back.  Marsha also directed us to the UDFS web page to a heading called “Tips and Hints.  If you click on Tips and Hints and click on Report Naming Conventions you will find a list of PS characters.  The first two letters will help us to identify Panel Name.   


Marsha contacted Karen on Tuesday morning and through step-by-step instructions explained how to create a cross-reference report to get the Panel Name, Record Name and Menu Name.  Knowing the Menu Name provides us with a starting point to locate the PS panel.  Karen typed up the instructions and attached them in an email to all of the G/L team members.


After all the assignments are completed by the G/L team members, the excel spreadsheet will be forwarded to Karen through email.   She will combine the spreadsheets and forward the finished product to Ben and the G/L team members. 


Our next scheduled meeting will be held on April 12.