Summary of 1/11/01 G/L Team Meeting


Attendees:  Ben Martin                  

                   Cathy Zinszer

                   Dave Adkins

                   Jeff Quirico               

                   Linda Somers  

                   Karen D’Amato       

Excused:    Tim Miller                  



Decisions:  Discontinue current assignment looking at PS panels and tables using the



Ben opened the meeting with an announcement to discontinue the current assignment looking at PS panels and tables using the SUV.  He then turned the floor over to Jeff for an explanation.  Jeff informed us that when Marsha was investigating PS on the Web she discovered a report called Crystal Report.  The Crystal Report accesses Xref.  Xref cross references fields with records and fields with panels.  This report should give us the necessary information regarding PS panels and tables. To view this process follow these directions:  in PS from the menu choose Go, People tools, click Process Scheduler, from the menu click Process, choose Multiple Process Sample, Update and Display, choose search, ok, click the Xref you want to run, and choose File, Run.


If running this report works and the information is correct, the first half of the PS assignment will be completed.  Jeff will report back to Ben with the results.


On January 18, Ben will meet with the Executive Committee to discuss the status of General Accounting’s efforts to populate the PS chart of accounts chart field values. At the present time 84 UD account codes have been converted to the PS Chart Field Values.  Ben will present a list of questions about the PS chart field conversion with UD account codes for discussion with the Executive Committee.  Ben will also give a briefing to the Executive Committee on his PS G/L I Training Session.


Ben shared some information about the PS training session that he attended in December.  Because the class only consisted of two people, he was able to get hands on training with direct questions and answers from the trainer.  Even though UD is planning to use a Budget Module, Ben learned that we will still need to set up the Budget requirements in PS SUV.  The accounts will have to be set up with a controlled budget or no budget.  Also, PS comes with standard ledgers and tables.  Ben also talked to the trainer about Suspense items.  The options in PS are either Suspense or Recycle.  There is no new information regarding how the UD would handle Suspense in PS in comparison to GA current processes.


The next part of the assignment will be production data.  Ben will work on assignments for each G/L team member for conversion.


Our next scheduled meeting will be January 25th at 2:00 P.M.