Summary of 12/11/01 G/L Team Meeting


Attendees:  Ben Martin                  

                   Karen D’Amato       

                   Dave Adkins

                   Linda Somers  

                   Cathy Zinszer 

       Tim Miller



Task:         List all of the interfaces to UD General Ledger System both to and from and

                  internal and external.


Task:         Identify Significant Tables and Create a List of Tables in Priority Order.


Task:        Determine if the PS Allocation Process can be used to process UD monthly

                 fringe benefits.


Issues:       How will Transfers/Allocations be handled in PS?    


Ben began the meeting with the following topics discussed at the Executive Team meeting.   Each team must set up their meeting schedules from January 2002 through March 2002.  Karen will call Ellen Bourett and give her the meeting dates to be posted on the UDFS calendar.  Ben also announced a new assignment to determine how journals flow through PS GL from other modules (subsystems).  One of the questions we need to address is, “Do journals processed in PS GL back wash back into other modules (subsystems).”  The G/L team will start testing PS SUV after the first of the year.


The rest of this meeting was used to finalize our assignment to “Identify Significant Tables and Create a List of Tables in Priority Order.”


Our next scheduled meeting is January 8.