Summary of 11/09/00 G/L Team Meeting


Attendees:Ben Martin††††††††††††††††††

†††††††††††††††††† Tim Miller††††††††††††††††††

†††††††††††††††††† Cathy Zinszer

†††††††††††††††††† Dave Adkins

††††††††††† †††††† Karen DíAmato†††††††††

†††††† Jeff Quirico†††††††††††††††

††† †††††††††††††††Linda Somers††††††††† †††††††††††





Task:In SUV, we will start our research with journal panels (setup panels, processing panels,

†††††††††† and query tables) and look at the data in relationship to current data dictionaries, central

†††††††††† tables, and query screens.Keep track of what youíve found (noting data we have and data

†††††††††† we donít).Document the information by filling out the spreadsheet that Carol Rylee

†††††††††† provided.


Task:Start thinking about the Chart Fields and the user defined fields.


Task:Compare the Flow Chart Logic with GA current system and identify what works and

†††††††††† doesnít work.


Task:Prepare notes to report what we have learned in PS to the Executive Committee on 12/7.



Jeff shared the following information about PS.We will be using Access as a People Soft tool.Statistics codes defined by units of measure could be a useful tool for the users who processinternal departmental billing.Jeff would like the G/L team to investigate University Departments who process internal department billing and see what types of unites of measure are being used.Dave volunteered to look at FAIís to get this information.


On December 7 the G/L Team will be meeting with the Executive Team to report what we have learned using People Soft.


We will have our next scheduled G/L Team meeting on November 30 since we will be off on November 23 for the holiday.The assignment for that meeting will be to research journals and compare the PS tables to the GA tables and data dictionaries.Document the information by filling out the spreadsheet that Carol Rylee provided.


Linda Ruggerio has requested us to compare the PS flow chart logic with our current process.We need to identify what works and what does not work.


The Executive Committee will meet with the General Accounting Department to discuss populating PS with our current chart of accounts in the People Soft format.††† We will be using the standard SIS rubric value for the academic departments (first 4 digits).†† Linda Somers volunteered to design acronyms for the administrative departments using Central Table Budget Unit Descriptions.††


Ben talked to the team again about the PS training.He will let us know about the dates and location available for February.


Dave talked to the group about People Soft Web Casting.This is a PS interactive web program.Dave will investigate this program and let us know if it would be a useful training tool.He will let us know at our meeting on 11/30.


Linda Ruggerio returned the Events List to Ben.Ben will review her notes and if he is in agreement with the information, the Events List will be displayed on the web.


Copies of samples of the Central Tables regarding General Accounting were handed out to each G/L team members.These examples will be used to complete a comparison in Journal panels between PS and General Accounting.