Summary of 1/22/02 G/L Team Meeting


Attendees:  Ben Martin                  

                   Karen D’Amato       

                   Dave Adkins

                   Linda Somers  

                   Cathy Zinszer


Excused:    Tim Miller 


Task:        Determine if the PS Allocation Process can be used to process UD monthly

                 fringe benefits.


Issues:       How will Transfers/Allocations be handled in PS?


Karen distributed the final version of the list of Significant Tables and Tables in Priority Order to the G/L Team members. Karen will ask Dee Smith to post the List of Significant Tables and Tables in Priority Order to the General Ledger Team UDFS web site and to update the G/L Project Plan to indicate these two assignments are complete.


The G/L Team continued testing G/L processes in the PS SUV by creating and processing a Journal Voucher.


The following documentation describes the menu navigation to create a Journal Voucher in PeopleSoft, finding a saved but unposted Journal Voucher, and running a query.


This Journal Voucher example will transfer funds from supplemental funds to operating funds.   The JV transaction involves a trip to Harvard University for a chemistry chair that was misposted and needs to be reclassified by processing a JV.


Create Journal Voucher

-         Go

-         Process Financial Information

-         Process Journals

-         Use

-         Journal Entry

-         Journal Entry Header

-         Add

-         Select Business Unit:  UOD01

-         Enter info: Long Description:  Transfer funds from Chemistry Operations to Supplemental funds

-         Check “Bypass Budget Checking”

-         Click on Lines Tab

-         Enter following info

o       Line 1: 

§         Ledger: Actuals

§         Unit: UOD01

§         Account:  301000

§         Fund:  OPBAS

§         Dept:  CHEMOP

§         Amount:  $500.00

§         Desc: Travel – chair to Harvard

            Click on Insert Row Icon

Line 2:           

§         Fund:  OPBAS

§         Dept:  CHEMSUPLFD

§         Desc:  Travel – reimb chair trip Harvard

-     Hit Save (the disc) and it assigns a journal voucher number

-         Press Process Edits Button

-         Press Budget Check Button

-         Press Posting Function

-         Press Print

Finding a Saved but Unposted Journal Voucher





            Field:  Jounal_header


            Double click on:




            Click on Run Icon


For our next meeting the G/L Team’s assignment is to read the documentation on reporting in People books.  We will try to create a monthly Trial Balance by processing several JV’s to include a few asset, liability, revenue, expenditure, and fund balance entries.  Our next scheduled meeting will be 1/30/02.