University of Delaware
Grants/Projects Team April 18, 2001
Denise Schneider Yes Carol Rylee Yes
Becky Boutz Yes Van Adams No 
Gerri Hobbs No  Sharon Flynn Yes 
Gail Tentor Yes Rachel Strickland  Yes
Dave Bley Yes Chris Cook Yes
Robin Harbaugh/Dave McCarren No  Barbara McKenzie Yes 
1) Will UD use a third party work order system?
Tasks Assigned:
1) Panel Assignment(Projects) 
2) Sample JV's to Carol (Projects)
3) Interfaces(from/to/internal/external)(Facilities)
4) Interfaces(from/to/internal/external)(Grants)
5) Panel assignment(Grants)
6) Grants Module Set Up
General Assignments:
1) Grants team to read about tables and table sets
2) Denise to get homepage changed when meeting set for Facilities subgroup.
3) Ongoing minutes should be in the Project Plan format for Lynda Ruggerio to update the homepage.
    Ran into some snags when filling out information for the tasks section.  Will work with Becky for next set of minutes.
General Notes:
1) Grants team consisting of Becky Boutz, Denise Schneider, Chris Cook, Robin Harbaugh, Gerri Hobbs, Dave McCarren,
Barbara Mackenzie, Rachel Strickland, *Carol Rylee and *Van Adams (*as non-working members) will continue to meet 
every other Wednesday, starting May 2, 2001 from 10am to 11:30 am in room 003 Hullihen 
2) Facilities Project subgroup consisting of Denise Schneider, Gail Tentor, Dave Bley, *Carol Rylee and *Van Adams 
(*as non-working members) will be meeting every other week starting in May (date not determined yet) in the 
910 South Chapel conference room. 
3) Sharon Flynn will no longer be a member of the Grants/ Project Team, this was her last meeting.  
4) New file(SUV) should be available to download by next week, Carol will check. 
5) Sharon and Chris showed the group their demo on what they have learned about Segments, Phases and 
6) Marsha will be putting tips and query instructions on the web. 
7) Carol suggested that if we have useful reports to suggest we send that information to Marsha. 
8) Grants inhouse training and Projects demo are being set up by Roby(dates to be announced)