University of Delaware
Grants/Projects Team-Facilities Subgroup July 3, 2001
Denise Schneider Yes
Gail Tentor Yes Dave Bley No
Carol Rylee No Van Adams Yes
% Resource Resource
ID Issues to be Resolved Duration Start Finish Predecessors Complete Group Names
% Resource Resource
ID Task Name Duration Start Date Finish Date Predecessors Complete Group Names
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113 Create List of Tables in Priority Order 07/01/2001 10/31/2001 112 0% Facilities Subgroup D. Schneider
     .Team will use meeting time for the next two months to go through the Projects manual creating practical examples(all members should review manual
       for next meeting of 7/17)
     .All members to make list of questions(send to Denise by 7/9) about Projects training to be given to Dave to answer at the beginning of the next meeting.
     .Carol to add UD info to the bottom of the original panel assignment-currently it is two separate documents
114 Identify interfaces(from/to/internal/external) 05/08/2001 05/31/2001 100% Facilities Subgroup G. Tentor
     .Gail to check on how info from PPR comes to CMMS.  Van to work with Jeff Palmer and Karen Brown on fields of info transferred from SIS and PPR.
     .Gail/Dave to give short demo for the intuitive ad-hoc reporting from the maintenance system(on hold until next meeting when all members are present)
General Items
1) Projects training manual has been distributed to all team members with copy to 003 HH
2) Update Project Plan-Item #112-Identify Significant Tables is 100% complete.
3) Contacts with other Universities-Facilities-Dave to contact 2-4 schools
     Dave sent several emails(West Chester, Georgetown and Rutgers with no response yet.  He will send another 2-4 for next meeting
4) Project/Grant chartfield-how to populate-new assignment coming up when List of Tables completed
5) Denise looking at Asset Management module-major construction part of Facilities
6) Items to be discussed at the Exec Comm meeting of 7/10
     ..Who will spearhead the Asset Management Module Team-is it time?
     ..Invite Ed Bennett(Facilities) to talk with Exec Comm(team leaders) about the new CMMS system being purchased to determine what his expectations
       are and how the system will interface with other applications, also to make sure he knows what we're doing with our new financial