University of Delaware
Grants/Projects Team-Facilities Subgroup May 22, 2001
Denise Schneider Yes
Gail Tentor Yes Dave Bley Yes
Carol Rylee Yes Van Adams No
% Resource Resource
ID Issues to be Resolved Duration Start Finish Predecessors Complete Group Names
% Resource Resource
ID Task Name Duration Start Date Finish Date Predecessors Complete Group Names
(calc field)
93 Identify Significant Tables for Reporting 05/08/2001 06/30/2001 5% Facilities Subgroup D. Schneider
     .Denise to consolidate information from panel assignment to create a list of records(tables) which have notes with them for next meeting
     .Carol to add UD info to the bottom of the original panel assignment-currently it is two separate documents
94 Create List of Tables in Priority Order 07/01/2001 10/31/2001 93 0% Facilities Subgroup D. Schneider
95 Identify interfaces(from/to/internal/external) 05/08/2001 05/31/2001 100% Facilities Subgroup G. Tentor
     .Gail to rework list to include from/to/int/ext and distribute to Exec Comm and team members
     .Van to comment on interface with SIS and PPR and then we'll go from there if any additional information needed
     .Gail/Dave to give short demo at next meeting for the intuitive ad-hoc reporting from the maintenance system
     .Denise to start looking into the Asset Management module to set assignments-potential for major construction part of Facilities
General Items
1) Query Report Tips - Lesson 2 - check this out
2) Executive Committee Meeting of 5/15
     Projects Demo-ABR still looking into this-Dave to give update when Projects training completed
                                                                    -Dave to try and get extra copy of Projects training manual   
     Every Friday before team leaders meeting with Exec Comm, provide Lynda with revised Project Plan
          Project Plan was discussed in detail-Becky and Denise to work out Grant/Projects section
3) Project/Grant chartfield-how to populate-new assignment coming up when Interfaces completed
4) Gail/Dave to start working on demo of how information flows through projects-timing to be determined at next meeting
5) Contacts with other Universities-Facilities-Dave to contact 2-4 schools
     Dave sent several emails(West Chester, Georgetown and Rutgers with no response yet.  He will send another 2-4 for next meeting