Facilities Project Team

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Minor Projects (Generally 1-6 or 2-6 accounts)

After Dave, back to Gail -> Carol Rylee

Update activity through weekly system upload

Upload labor and material charges from Maint System.

Report from data warehouse and report from Maintenance System - shows charges and tells what types of charges. (Maint system is credit recovery system.) Question: Will maintenance system be replaced by PSFT - labor cost information is provided by time machines, no data entry by Facilities.


Major Renovations and New Construction Projects (Generally 8-book accounts)

Do purchase requisition for 1$ to get a PO number and all charges for that particular contract are charged against same PO.. Other POs are issued for mechanical, architect, etc.

expenditures.) - RULE: Whenever we have state money, it always goes first.

Projects with multiple accounts, flag accounts that are fully expended with "pending deletion" until project is completed and fully funded. (Budget Office) - When account is inactivated it is rolled off at end of year, but if put in "pending deletion", they roll forward in fiscal close.

All updates to GA are through batch files. Batches are uploaded regularly - GA is updated every night, but not every subsystem feeds into GA every night. GA not updated on weekends.