University of Delaware
Grants/Projects Team-Facilities Subgroup October 16, 2001
Denise Schneider Yes Carol Rylee Yes
Dave Bley Yes Van Adams Yes
Eileen Prazniak Yes
% Resource Resource
ID Issues to be Resolved Duration Start Finish Predecessors Complete Group Names
% Resource Resource
ID Task Name Duration Start Date Finish Date Predecessors Complete Group Names
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113 Create List of Tables in Priority Order 07/01/2001 10/31/2001 112 0% Facilities Denise
     .Team will use meeting time to go through the Projects manual creating practical examples(started Chapter 5)
     .Team members to review chapters 5 and 6 in the Projects Manual for next meeting on 10/30.
114 Identify interfaces(from/to/internal/external) 05/08/2001 05/31/2001 100% Facilities Dave
     .Per email from Van, SIS file included students who lived on campus, ssn, name and home address.  Dave to look into how info
      came to Facilities.
     .Dave to give short demo for the intuitive ad-hoc reporting from the maintenance system(on hold until meeting when all members
      are present.
To Do for next meeting:
1)Review Object Code Table and be prepared to discuss comments/questions.
2)Review PS Department Table and be prepared to discuss comments/questions.
3)Read Chapters 5 and 6 in Projects Manual.
4)Dave to work with Barbara Graham-replacement for Gail
5)Denise to send Exec Comm email with suggestions for Princeton visit email.
6)Next meeting will be 10/30, the following meeting will be 11/6 and then back on track for meetings every two weeks.
General Items
1)Gail Tentor has taken a new position with Conferences and will no longer be on the Projects Team.
2)Eileen Prazniak, new senior accountant in General Accounting will sit in on meetings for awhile.
3) Contacts with other Universities-Facilities-Dave to contact 2-4 schools
     Dave sent several emails(West Chester, Georgetown and Rutgers with no response yet.  He will send another 2-4 for next meeting
     Don Fogg from West Chester responded that he would be in touch.  Dave will also send an email to Wake Forest
        based on List Serve message concerning Projects and Asset Management.
     Carol to contact Western Michigan.
4) Executive Committee meeting of 10/4/01
    a)we will be receiving PS paychecks starting in October
    b)Eileen Prazniak, new senior accountant in General Accounting will start 10/10
    c)Payroll dept will now report to Human Resources.
       Ellen LePine will be working for Roby to help coordinate PS financial issues with some backfill for Payroll.
       This will take effect 11/1/01.
     d)We need to start picking up the pace as 3/02 is still the expected time of arrival for version 8.4.
     e)PS has frozen the code for the 8.4 version and is selecting some beta sites for testing purposes.
     f)New support policy for PS-all releases will be supported for 4 years, versus current policy which is a year after 2 major releases.
     g)Feedback is requested on the Princeton site visit email.
     h)Chart of Accounts-provide feedback for the object code table as well as the department table.
     i)Peggy Bottorff will be working on setting up a committee for communications between the Exec Comm and the UD
       Community-vehicles for communicating/training/maybe a listserve.