University of Delaware
Grants/Projects Team-Facilities Subgroup September 4, 2001
Denise Schneider Yes
Gail Tentor Yes Dave Bley Yes
Carol Rylee Yes Van Adams No
% Resource Resource
ID Issues to be Resolved Duration Start Finish Predecessors Complete Group Names
% Resource Resource
ID Task Name Duration Start Date Finish Date Predecessors Complete Group Names
(calc field)
113 Create List of Tables in Priority Order 07/01/2001 10/31/2001 112 0% Facilities Denise
     .Team will use meeting time to go through the Projects manual creating practical examples(started Chapter 5)
     .Team members to review chapters 5 and 6 in the Projects Manual for next meeting on 9/25.
114 Identify interfaces(from/to/internal/external) 05/08/2001 05/31/2001 100% Facilities Gail
     .Per email from Van, SIS file included students who lived on campus, ssn, name and home address.  Gail/Dave to look into how info came to Facilities
     .Per Gail, PPR info did not come from PPR but was a file kept by Dining. See B. Spear email for more info.
          It was determined that there is no current interface with PPR and information which was maintained was for old HP system-no further action
     .Gail/Dave to give short demo for the intuitive ad-hoc reporting from the maintenance system(on hold until meeting when all members are present)
General Items
1) Meeting of 8/28 was cancelled due to yearend audit/senior accountant interview deadlines.
    Meeting of 9/11 is cancelled due to yearend audit.
    Regular bi-weekly meetings will continue on 9/25.
2) Contacts with other Universities-Facilities-Dave to contact 2-4 schools
     Dave sent several emails(West Chester, Georgetown and Rutgers with no response yet.  He will send another 2-4 for next meeting
     Don Fogg from West Chester responded that he would be in touch.  Dave will also send an email to Wake Forest
        based on List Serve message concerning Projects and Asset Management.
     Carol to contact Western Michigan.
3) Project/Grant chartfield-how to populate-new assignment coming up when List of Tables completed
4) When working in Peoplesoft, if there is no interaction it shuts down after a short period of time.
    To change the time and allow PS to remain active for a longer period of time:
    Financials Education & Government 7.5 SUV
    Configuration Manager
    Remote Call
    Change Timeout to 32767 seconds
5) Executive Committee meeting of 9/4/01
    a)the AR/Billing team has been formed, members include:
      Angie Beecham(team leader)
      Amy Connell
      Amy Taylor
      Katie Hutton
      Bill Spear
      Rachel Strickland
    b)there is an MIS student(Stephan Foster) who is available to teams for
      any needed "tedious" work where it's felt that no value added will be gained by team members
      contact Roby, then Carol for setting up work times.
   c)the chart of accounts team is working toward finalizing the PS account(UD object code), putting values
      in all chartfield tables and seeing that JV's are getting entered in Gibraltor to help the report team do some
      testing.  also, working on PS department(UD 11 digit account code)
   d)PS version 8.4 is still expected by the end of March 2002.
   e)the Budget module is expected to be the first web based PS product running.  Carol Rylee and members of
      the Budget office are expected to be working on this early next year.  HR implementation is the first priority
      for CNS and as soon as that goes live, it is expected that CNS will be able to spend time getting the module
      up and running and ready for testing.
    f)UD expects to work with version 8.4 to start implementation.  Depending on timing of version 9, UD may actually
      go live with the newer version.