UDFS – Communication/Training Team Minutes


December 2, 2002


In attendance:  Paul Anderson, Peggy Bottorff, Chris Cook,  Steve Grasson, Lisa Huber, Michele Broadway, Linda Somers, Dave McCarren, Tim Miller, Bill Fitzpatrick, Julie Burton, Chris Murphy, Al Fanjoy


Minutes this time: Chris Cook

Minutes next time: Al Fanjoy


TASKS ASSIGNED: Team members are encouraged to continue exploring PS 8.4.




REMINDER: meetings will be every Monday from this point forward.


Web Page: There was discussion on wording for direction of the questions readers may have and how to best handle that ‘traffic’.

            It was decided that the web page will direct users/readers to their Comm. Team member. That member will inform Peggy of the general feedback they are receiving. Peggy will send  a file for posting to the secured web page which summarizes for the group, so we can best maintain the web page to maximize its efficiency.


COA Rollout:  Team members need to provide a list of who was invited and who actually attended on 12/3 to Peggy after the meeting.


Training Plan: IT will help with training support. They may use Web CT for some aspects of training.


The team began to outline a training plan. It was decided that there are 3 main items to discuss:

1)      What needs to be done and by whom to make any training successful

2)      What we need to learn to be successful at training

3)      What we need to teach and get feedback from users about

We determined several things we need to do as a team such as:

1)      Learn to write and run queries

2)      Look at all help tabs as we go through 8.4 so we can avoid re-inventing the wheel

It was decided that at the next meeting Linda Somers will ‘drive’ and follow the People Books help chapter 3 on query writing to test the helpful-ness of these chapters as well as teaching us how to write a query from scratch.


Peggy will send the working draft of the training plan to the team.